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Shred the Undead!!!

StickBo Zombies, sibling and twisted reincarnation of the Number One Downloaded App StickBo, is ready. Are you?

Do you have what it takes to chainsaw your way through countless zombies? Can you avoid their flesh eating tendencies and projectile spit as you blow them apart with your new Stick Bow and Exploding Arrows? Can you top your friends on the leader boards by earning the most Zombie Slayer Medals? Only you can decide. Download now and see why your friends are staring at their phones and smiling with delight.

====The Weapons====

The M16 is your default weapon. Its accuracy and 3 shot burst will eliminate zombies one-by-one.

Chain Saw:
There’s nothing like the smell of freshly shredded undead in the morning.

Frag Grenades: Awarded at Wave 2
Incoming Fragmentation Grenade…Outgoing Zombie Parts

Stick Bow: Awarded at Wave 4
Revel in the glory of exploding arrows implanting themselves into the bodies of soon to be disintegrated zombies…

AK-47: Awarded at Wave 6
Hold trigger, kill zombies.

Shotgun: Awarded at Wave 11
The multi-kill special, clear a line of zombies with one pull.

50 Cal. Sniper Rifle: Awarded at Wave 21
Take cover and surgically remove some spitting zombie heads.

Flamethrower: Awarded at Wave 31
In case of zombies, break glass.

Mini-Gun: Awarded at Wave 51
Easily dispatch large groups of zombies no matter if they still have their heads or not.

====The Medals====

Zombie Slayer:
Complete the wave with over 90% health.

Zombie Hunter:
Complete the wave with over 50% health.

Zombie Survivor:
Complete the wave with under 50% health.


---Mr. Clown’s Carnival
---The Crypt
---Shoppingtown Mall
---The Salt City


---NorrisBo (His tears kill zombies… too bad he’s never cried)
---AfroBo (The Baddest MoFo you’ve ever seen)
---SWATBo character

Play Game
To play StickBo, tap Play Game from the Main Menu screen. On application launch, the highest achieved wave will start. If another wave is selected after application launch, tapping Play Game will restart the selected wave.

Wave Selection
From the Main Menu screen, tap Wave Selection. All waves will be displayed in rows that can be scrolled. The highest number of kills for a wave is displayed. All medals earned will be displayed on the right. Press the Play button on the left to start the corresponding wave.

From the Main Menu screen, tap Options for Instructions, Character selection, Theme selection, and access to the StickBo iPod Player.

From the Main Menu screen, tap Options and then Instructions. The Video Tutorial button will start the tutorial video. Tap the video screen to show or hide the video controls. The Instructions button will start the instructions slideshow. Tap to advance.

From the Main Menu screen, select Options and then Characters. The available characters can be selected by tapping on them. A red check mark will indicate the selected character. Only available characters will be shown. More characters can be added with In App Purchase.

From the Main Menu screen, select Options and then Themes. The available themes can be selected by tapping on them. A red boarder will indicate the selected theme. Unavailable themes are grayed out until upgraded with In App Purchase.

StickBo Audio
Press the Play button to start playback of the in app iPod player. The song artist and title will be displayed. Tap the previous and next buttons to control playback. Drag StickBo’s head for volume control. If a playlist is selected in the iPod application, songs from that playlist will be played. Enable shuffle and repeat by tapping the corresponding box. Start w/ iPod will play music when StickBo is initialized. Music will play even if the iPhone is in silent mode. Mute Game will silence the in game sound effects. Sound effects will not play in silent mode. A red check mark indicates an enabled function.
The music note icon in the top right corner of some menus will take you to the StickBo Audio screen.

In App Purchase
Upgrading StickBo Free to the Full Version adds new Themes and Characters.
From the Main Menu screen, select In App Purchase. The upgrade options for StickBo will be presented. Tap the Info button for information about each upgrade and tap the price to buy. A dialog will appear to confirm the In App Purchase and your password will be required. Once the purchase is confirmed by Apple, the upgrade will be available.
If an internet connection can’t be established, a dialog will ask you to check your connection.

Tap the globe icon in the bottom left corner on the Main Menu screen to leave StickBo and navigate to www.StickBo.com in the Safari application. The website has links to the StickBo Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube videos. Contact information, screenshots and wallpapers can also be found here. Save to the Home Screen for the StickBo Web App.

StickBo Zombies

Shred the Undead!

StickBo V1.1 Game Play Preview

StickBo V1.1 Update Preview

Tutorial V1.0

Mr. Clown's Carnival


Shoppingtown Mall


The Crypt


The Salt City


Vietnam Jungle


Afghanistan Dunes


New York City Streets


StickBo iPod Player


m16 fire

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